Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Bum Status Continues

So, I didn't even log in to check email yesterday. I think I'm really beginning to dig this bum status stuff. I did go out and get some errands run yesterday, but other than that, I was quite comfortable on the couch.

You know, normally I'd be climbing the walls already, but due to the fact I had too many things going on throughout the year, I am in need of some rest. It feels good.
One of my favorite parts of this break so far has been the freedom to sleep in as late as I wish. I can stay up late reading a good book, and then sleep until my body wakes up. I am still waiting for the day they ask me, "When do you think we should start a school day?" And then I would reply, "How about 9:00-4:00". However, until that day comes, I will be at work at 7:30am. Therefore, I shall sleep in every chance I get this break!
Finally, I am counting down the days until Monday, when I will get my own, brand-new laptop! Yep, in our district if you go through five days of training, you get your own laptop. Granted, if I ever leave the district, the laptop stays with them. But, as long as I'm with the district, I get my own laptop to keep! Of course, I have to go to each and every class session, and there are follow-up days throughout the school year. But it's a cool thing. I have never owned a laptop, so I will hardly know how to act! By the way, the class I have to take, I signed up for the night class. :-) I still get to sleep in and get my own laptop.
What a deal.

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