Saturday, July 14, 2007

Powder Keg and T-LA Continued


Well, so it's been a few days since I've been on here because I've been so busy, but in a very, very good way. I enjoy "Bum" status, but I must admit, it has been fun to go and learn new things and hang out with people. It's made this break even more memorable. Let's see...where to begin...

T-LA continued Wednesday night and Thursday night. It has been a really fun experience. I have gotten to know some new people, and the technology available to me as a teacher is sort of mind-boggling to me. I still have one more night of class on Monday, but what I learned this week was really helpful and I see why the district is pushing for technology integration. I can see my students soaring into new discoveries with this teaching. I can't wait to try it out in the classroom! I think my students will really enjoy it, and I will too!

I REALLY like my new laptop. Even that blows me away. The things the new computers can do astounds me. Oh, and I did go to see how much it would cost for wireless out here. Yeah, as it turns out, I can't have wireless out here. I kinda figured that. There is a card that I guess they can put into the laptop so I can have wireless anywhere, but it costs $60 per month! Yeah, I think I'll stick with the free availabilities at restaurants and school. I still have this one at home for dial-up, so I can still do internet here at home. It's just slower. I don't care. Either way I'm in good shape!

So I need to spend my day on my big project for this class for TLA. That's fine though. I mean, a laptop for my own use, new strategies to use in the classroom, and being paid for my time in class....I figure a couple afternoons on a project are nothing in comparison to what they've given me!
Finally, and perhaps the best part of the past week, I went to the amusement park not far from here yesterday. I loaded the car up with some cousins that I had promised to take, and we headed out yesterday for the park. I went with my cousins, Josh, Garrett, and their friend Parker. Yeah, it was sort of weird being the only girl with 3 teenagers, but I was excited.
We got there, and it was pretty busy. I thought we would spend most of the day in lines rather than on rides, but I was wrong. I was happy about that. We rode Wildfire, my favorite ride, three times in a row, and I loved it! Then we decided to ride Power Keg.
Now, Powder Keg is a roller coaster that SHOOTS you up over a hill first thing. In 2.8 seconds you are going something like 60 mph! It is incredible. I had ridden it twice before, but never front car. Josh and I decided we wanted to ride front car. We waited in line for 40 minutes before we even got on the ride. (the newer rides had longer lines) I even texted my Dad while we were in line so he would know! hehehe Anyway, we got in, and it lifts you up into the starting point, and WOW! What a ride! It's an entirely different ride front car! I LOVED it! As we came in at the end of the ride, my legs were shaking. Yeah, it scared the begeebers outta me, and I loved EVERY second of it! Awesome!
So what do you think we rode after that? Well, we ate dinner first, and then we did Wildfire about 5 more times. To be honest, I lost count we had been on it so many times. The line wasn't very long, so you could almost get right on it! It's still my favorite ride, but I can say Power Keg is the most intense roller coaster ride there.
And ya know what, I can't wait to go again!
Go figure...

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