Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday? Really?

Wow, is it Friday already? I sit here with a "To Do" list of things to do, and I'm listening to the Prayer Room and blogging instead. Go figure. This week has been INCREDIBLY busy and dramatic, and I think I need a night on the couch. I may go rent a movie... Hum...

So this week I had my PD plan shut down by our District Committee, and I have to re-do it this weekend. I also have a Career Ladder Plan to re-do and turn in by Tuesday. I tell ya, it was a week full of drama. I'm ready for the weekend. I'm Thankful for the supportive staff that is around me. I have to say, even with the drama this week, good has come out of it. And I like that. I have tons of homework to do, but that's okay. I was going to go to IHOP and home this weekend, but that's not happening. So, right now I sit here, and have the prayer room going, and I am content.

At least being busy is better than bored.

Have a great weekend, whatever you may be doing!


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