Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Today was a really good day at school. While I still have a schedule to figure out, it was nice to hear little people in the building again. While I will miss the sleeping in and lounging around with Jay, it is time to be back at work!

I shared last night about a new kid that I will service this year on my caseload. I was completely taken in by this person who appears to have a wall built around him that is about a mile high, or even higher. While the day had significantly less drama than I expected out of this person, I did see how high the wall is for me to tackle. This actually excites me, believe it or not.

When I get a new kid like this, I sort of view it like a puzzle. It's sort of like this kid is a puzzle that I need to figure out. The amazing thing is, there aren't two kids that are the same. What works for one kid, may not work for another. And, from what I learned today about the student, there is quite a bit to figure out! I like that!

A lot of people don't like behavior challenges, but I really do. It is easy to see the growth a person makes behaviorally, and to celebrate the successes a person achieves. Last year I had success with a child who had behavior challenges and he ended the year on a positive note. That is my prayer for this new person as well.

By the way, I wore my puzzle ring today. I will continue to wear it in the days to come, because each time I look at it, I will say a silent prayer for my new student. And, with God, we will be exactly what the person needs for this season of life. Eventually, all the pieces will come together!


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