Monday, August 30, 2010

A Quote Book

For years I have said that I needed to start a quote book in my classroom. Afterall, I did a pretty good job out at camp getting some quotes down. So, I knew that this year I needed to just do it.

So, I took a composition book that is slightly disabled in its own way, and labeled it "The Quote Book." I explained to each pull-out group what I was doing. Everyone seemed to like the idea, and they just started saying weird stuff to get in the book. They have learned that it has to be a GENUINE quote. One that isn't just made up to be funny. It has to fit a situation perfectly.

While the book is actually sitting in my classroom right now, I thought tonight I might share a few of the quotes from the book. We're still on page one of the book, as I am serious about the criteria of something being worthy of being in the book. Needless to say, some days nothing gets written in it.

In the span of 8 school days, we've had some interesting quotes:

One of my students who doesn't remember details well asked me on day #2 if I was married. I just looked at her and wondered how she could forget that I was single, as I joke about it quite a bit and she was in my program last year. So, I looked at her and said, "Nope, still waiting on God." And she replied with, "You might get a bad husband anyway." I just scratched my head...

My para and I were discussing the book Mockingjay and one of my favorite 6th graders said, "I don't like books. They are a waste of paper." Needless to say, RockStarPara's eyes got huge and I told him that wasn't the right thing to say. He just grinned real wide.... He won't hate them at the end of this year, that's my IEP Goal that I've written for myself...

Today blondeboy came in with crackers from his class. The following was said between RockStarPara and SmileyKid:

RockStarPara looked at the crackers and said, "What did ya bring me?"
Smileykid: Nothin'.
RockStarPara: "Well, that's just rude." Then she grinned really big, totally joking with him.
Smileykid: "You're the rude one, you are the one drinking a pop in front of me."
Then a student sitting at the table, Redheadedkid, turned to me and said, "Quote book."

I love this gig!


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