Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Three-Year-Old Girl

Today was a GREAT day.

I awoke today and was talking to God about service tonight. Casually, I told Him that the past two Sunday Night services have been good, but I really wanted to be challenged. I have felt like I've been in Christianity 101, and I wanted something a little deeper. In fact, I had toyed with the idea of going to this morning's services, but I didn't feel led there. Tonight I found out why.

Jaye Thomas led worship, which was fantastic! Jaye is typically on the Night Watch, so I don't get to hear him live very often. I have always enjoyed his music though, and always wind up closer to God when he leads.

After that, Misty came out and preached on Hebrews 10, 11, 12, and 13. It was one amazing sermon, and I wound up challenged, just as I told God I wanted to be this morning. I liked that!

I drove shuttles after the service, and Slim wound up praying for me. It was really cool.

You would think all of that would have been the highlight of my day, but it honestly wasn't.

The highlight of my day actually occurred this afternoon when Jay and I went up to school to get some work done. Mrs. P. arrived again with her little girl. She is three-years-old, and I am still pondering a nickname for her, since I'm still getting to know her. She is precious, and loves Jay! She and Jay had a lot of fun together. I will admit, Jay doesn't always play with her when she wants him to, but they chase each other, so it's cute.

She stated early on that she wanted to go home with me. I told her I had to go drive a bus before church and it just wouldn't be fun for her. I told her that maybe one night we could all take Jay to the dog park. She wasn't thrilled with the answer, but she let it go.

Needless to say, when it was time to leave she came by my room to say good-bye and I told her we could walk out together. Jay took off and headed to the cafeteria in search of food, so we started after him. After finally getting him on the leash, we all started walking out together.

When we got to my car, the sweet gal stopped and said she wanted to go with me. I explained the bus thing again (She wouldn't understand what a shuttle means!) and she just stood there. Mrs. P. said something about no "goodbye" means you can't leave.

I looked at her, and walked over to the car to put Jay and my backpack inside. I sat down on the driver's side seat and got down on her level and told her that I PROMISED I would talk to her Mom about her coming with me a different day. She looked at me with those eyes, and my heart just broke. At that moment, I wished that children under the age of four were allowed on the shuttles. (They're not, it's State Law.)

I told her that her Mom needed her to go with her today, and she would be sad if she didn't go with her. I'm not so sure she bought my story, but she hugged me and ran to her Mom. I watched her run into her Mom's arms, and heard her crying. It melted my heart. The love of a child is a precious thing, and I don't EVER take it for granted. The three-year-old doesn't know it, but that was one special moment for me.

I will talk to her Mom about a different day when she can come over or something. After all, I did promise. *grin*

As I drove away, it made me wonder if I love God that well. I mean, here is this kid who has only met me twice but loves me already. I don't know if I love God that well, but I prayed as I drove off that I would learn to love Him in that way.

Once again, I am reminded that I am loved VERY well....


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