Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Night Crew!!!

While I have a lot rolling around in my head tonight, I have decided to give a SHOUT OUT to the Sunday Night Shuttle Crew! In my 14 months of driving shuttles, I have gone through several teams on Sunday Nights. The Lord brings people to drive along side us for a little while, and then moves them on to other things in their lives. Which is cool.

The current Sunday Night Team has been the most FUN team I have been a part of! Cherokee, Slim, Papa Bear, and/or Kentucky are such a fun crew to drive with on shuttles! I laugh more with those guys than I ever have on any other team. It's been a true gift from God.

Tonight was our last night to drive as our official Sunday Night Team because we are ending Sunday Night Services, and moving them to Saturdays. All night we were joking about the end of Sunday Services, and how we were losing our team. It made me grin A LOT.

The cool thing is that I won't stop driving with those guys. I mean, all of us are regular IHOP shuttle drivers, so it's not like we'll never see each other again. That is the only thing that really kept me from being sad tonight. It's not the end, it's just a shift in teams. I like that!

So, Slim, Cherokee, Kentucky, and Papa Bear, you guys are GREAT bunch to drive with! I can't wait to drive again with you guys again! You're my FAVORITE people on the Base!

Sidenote: Rich, your name was brought up tonight. We miss you! *grin* Blessings!

Ah, now I can't wait to see what God has in store for us next!

As for me, I am going to keep driving on Sunday Mornings or Saturday nights. I like that! On Sunday Nights, I will be joining a homegroup, so I can meet more people!



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