Sunday, November 21, 2010

Post #800

It is SO HARD to believe that I am on my eight-hundredth post! Wow! I have come SO FAR since I started blogging. I began this blog in March 2006, and this has definitely become a favorite hobby of mine. I have pondered what to type all day, wanting this to be a memorable post.

I was thinking this afternoon about Thanksgiving coming up this week. Over the years I have done several posts about what I'm thankful for, but tonight I wanted to post about Jay.

In the last chapter of my life, the one I now call The Beech Road Experience, I experienced loneliness in a way no one should ever live this side of Heaven. It was the hardest thing I have walked through.

Going from Beech Road to where I'm at now, a lot has changed. A LOT. I NEVER experience loneliness anymore because of my furry little kid. He's the BEST best friend I could ever ask for! Sure, I'm still waiting on a spouse, but I tell ya what, this guy loves me in a way that EVERYONE should be loved. While he's never actually vocalized "I love you", I know he does. He shows me daily how much he cares, and we have a lot of fun together.

Today I was laughing at him as he scooted out from under the bed! I was folding clothes in the guest bedroom, and he felt the need to go underneath the bed. He moved out in such a funny way, I started laughing at him! He just came out with the tail wagging wanting to be petted. It was GREAT.

Right now, he's asleep at my feet! I LOVE IT!

I am thankful for the furry kid. I have heard it over and over again that dog is man's best friend, and for me, it's true!

Thank You God for Jay. And thanks to the family that blessed me with him. It's the greatest blessing I have been given as an adult!


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