Monday, December 06, 2010

Vault, Part 3

Last night, I went to post the third (and last installment until January) installment of my Vault Story, and the internet was down! Yeah, you are glad you weren't here, as I was quite bummed about it! As you can tell, it's back up (Yea!) and I'm ready to share the most current installment. If you're just now joining the Vault Story, scroll down and read part one and two first!

I see the principal get my new teacher out of her class. Her name is Mrs. Welch. (It kind of reminds me of the Jelly Company.) She nods her head and welcomes me into the room. I hear my Mom explaining the Cerebral Palsy as I walk into the room. Everyone's eyes are on me, and my leg. I feel so nervous that I just want to cry, but I don't want to be known as the Cry Baby with Cerebral Palsy. So I just sit down and wait.

I sit down at the empty desk for what feels like forever. Everyone keeps staring at me and whispering. I can't hear them, but I think they're talking about me. Every time a new kid came to my old school, we talked about them. We were nice to the kids though, and I wonder if these kids will be nice to me.

Finally, Mrs. Welch comes in and starts teaching Math. She is showing us about vertices and angles, which seem to be easy. I understand what to do and even get called up to the board to do a problem. I did it right! As I walk back to my desk, I see the other kids staring at my leg. I don't think it's a big deal, but everyone is staring at me like it is a big deal. Or maybe it just feels like it, I'm not sure.

After Math, a bunch of kids line up to leave. What am I supposed to do? Do I stand up or do I stay put? I look around and notice that some kids are still sitting. Oh, we must switch for Math! Now I feel better about just staying put.

After the kids in line leave, other kids come in and put their stuff in their desks. Mrs. Welch tells the class that we have a new student in our class named Morgan. Once again, all eyes are on me. I smile at everyone.

That's it! Stay tuned in January for Part 4!


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