Saturday, January 29, 2011


I sit here tonight absolutely amazed at God. I went to FCF late tonight because I spent some time with family this evening, and I walked in during Mike's sermon. Now, I will admit that when I walked in and saw that they were still in the sermon time, I was a bit bummed because I just wanted to soak tonight. HOWEVER, God knew exactly what I needed and for the FOURTH weekend in a row, gave me a sermon that spoke volumes to me. Once again, it wasn't all just new to me, but A LOT of it was what I have been praying about this week. I mean, literally, THIS WEEK I had been praying about some things and tonight God gave me SO MANY confirmations on the things I've been pondering and praying. I LOVE THAT! After the sermon, I got to soak. *grin*



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