Friday, January 28, 2011


Earlier this week I posted about a really special card that I received in the mail that made me happy. Today I got another card that made me laugh over and over again. It didn't come in the mail, it was actually on my desk this morning when I came in from Car Rider Duty.

It was actually a Thank You Card from the boy I posted about last night, C.J., and his sister, Cheergal. Today's HAND-WRITTEN card was thanking me for the Christmas Gifts I gave them. Cheergal wrote a really sweet note, and said she wants to play Wii with me again soon. I thought that was sweet. What C.J. wrote just made me laugh every time I read it.

He wrote: "Thanks for Lord. I love the mummy book! To C.J. To You. God bless in you. C.J. You have a power in you God bless you."

How cool is that? I LOVED it!!!

You know, you wouldn't think that something as a card would bless someone that much, but for me it has been worth more than money to me. ABSOLUTELY priceless! *grin*

Two cards in one week! AMAZING!!!


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