Monday, January 31, 2011

CP, Roller Skates, and a Gym

I am always in awe of God when He uses me and I don't even know it! Today God used my limp to help two people and I wasn't even there. You're thinking "Huh?" Let me set it up for you...

At my school the upper grades are just finishing a Roller Skating Unit in P.E. Yeah, they got to skate in P.E.!!! (I wish I could have done that in school!) Anyway, one day last week I went in to skate during P.E. because one of my sixth graders requested me to come skate. Honestly, I love to skate, but will admit I'm not very good at it. Having one foot that turns inward when I walk kind of slows me down a little. *grin*

Anyway, I went in last week and skated for about 15 minutes, at T.J.'s request. T.J. was INCREDIBLY helpful and encouraging as I skated around the gym. I could tell it really mattered to him that I came in to skate.

At first I skated on the carpet because it's been a WHILE since I've been on skates. After moving around on the carpet for a little while, I went around the gym once where there wasn't carpet. I fell a couple of times, but I really worked at it and had a lot of fun. By the second time around I was barely hanging onto the wall, and kind of got to where I could skate by moving my right foot out. Honestly, I think it was the best I've ever done!!! I LOVED it! I would have kept skating but I had a class to get to. I will state that all the kids were REALLY supportive of my skating and told me so as I was leaving. It was a blessing!

Today I sat down at lunch and the P.E. Teacher sat down by me. I like our P.E. Teacher, she's really nice. She proceeded to tell me she used me as an example today in P.E. Apparently there were two sixth grade boys who were nervous about leaving the carpeted area. She told them about me going in and skating around the gym without the carpet, and that if I could do it with a limp, then they could do it! You know what? The kids GOT OFF THE CARPET!!! I was SO EXCITED to hear that! One boy in particular went around the gym TWICE after hearing that! How cool is that? I was so PUMPED to hear that!!!

Over and over again I am reminded that the limp is a blessing. For years I have been frustrated because so many people think the limp is a bad thing. It's NOT! Having CP is COOL and what's even cooler is that God is using it to bless those around me, even when I'm not there! PRAISE THE LORD! I'm so so so so so so excited for the boys who finally got to skate around the gym today instead of just on the carpet! Who knows, maybe this will be a hobby that they will enjoy throughout life. Even if it's not, there are two boys who thought they COULDN'T do something when in reality THEY COULD! *grin*

That's what I'm talkin' about! PRAISE THE LORD!


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