Monday, January 17, 2011


Since leaving Camp Barnabas in August, I have been praying that I would get to return for the same Terms this Summer. (Term=Week in Barnabas lingo!) Last Summer I served during the Autism/Developmentally Delayed Term, and the Deaf/Blind Term. I left there absolutely changed, and even on my drive home started praying for this Summer!

On the FIRST day that applications were supposed to be up and running, I was online looking for it! I started an application, then there were technical difficulties with the site, so I couldn't apply. Then I got busy with school, and kept thinking, "I need to get that done!" Over Christmas Break, I finally got everything together and sent in, and prayed. I mean, I never stopped praying over it, but the week I sent it all in, I really prayed, as the site said that 75% of all positions had been filled already. While it is true that I could serve any Term this coming Summer, my heart for the Term 6 and 7 girls is so big that I REALLY wanted those two weeks.

On Friday I had an email from the Volunteer Coordinator, Robbie. He said he was going to get me into the Terms I wanted, but my application was incomplete. He encouraged me to call today, and I did. He talked me through a couple of things and everything was done!

I hung up and thought, "Crud, I didn't ask if I was officially in those Terms, I was just told my application was in." I didn't want to advertise that I got the Terms if it wasn't official. So, I emailed Robbie this afternoon and asked.

The response I got was the official letter, as well as an email saying I was stuck with them Terms 6 and 7! I grinned ear-to-ear!

So, you might say I'm a little excited. *grin*


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