Sunday, January 16, 2011

Shuttle Fun!!!

This morning I drove shuttles and had a lot of fun! We were SUPER busy, which is when it is really fun! I always joke and say that I feel popular when there are lines waiting! In fact, we had TWO of us driving the Overflow Lot! It was amazing!

At one point, a gal named Madeline got on my shuttle and sat up front with me. She had a ton of questions because she had never joined us for a service at IHOP-KC before. I love it when I get a new person at IHOP-KC because they are always so excited! It was a short ride to service, but I was so excited for her, and couldn't wait to see her after the service!

When she came out of service, she got in my shuttle and said, "Is it always this good?" We wound up talking even after we arrived back at the parking lot. I prayed for her before she left the shuttle. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HER AGAIN!

On a funny note, I was playing the Jon Thurlow CD in the shuttle this morning. (Same trip as the one with Madeline.) As I was busy talking to Madeline, my other shuttle passengers were getting off the shuttle and Jon Thurlow and his wife Kinsey said good-bye to me. (I never saw him get on because of Madeline!) I grinned and said something about him being on the shuttle with his CD playing. He and Kinsey just grinned.

I love this place!


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