Saturday, February 19, 2011


I find it amazing how hard it is for me to take a day of rest, even when I'm not feeling well. Initially I thought that how I am feeling had to do with my recent drop in Pepsi, and while that may be part of it, I wonder if I've caught a cold or something. I have a really bad headache and feel a little achy. I don't feel awful, I just don't feel well. (No temperature, praise God!) So I stayed in tonight.

I find it amazing how some habits die hard. Years ago I was in a church where skipping service was just about equal to a sin. I still fight that, and BYKOTA was nothing like that. It was YEARS ago that I was in that. Isn't that weird? I sit here tonight missing FCF, resting, doing the right thing, and yet I feel guilty. Isn't that odd? Even at IHOP there is not condemnation for missing a service. Weird stuff.

Today has also felt weird because it's hard for me to sit/lay on the couch all day and not do a whole lot. Granted, with the headache I don't feel like doing a whole lot, but still. I feel lazy just sitting here, like I should be doing schoolwork or something. Today has just plain felt weird. I guess bad headaches make a day just seem really long. *grin*

Okay, time to rest. After all, I have a shuttle to drive tomorrow, a wizard to go see with friends in the afternoon, and a girls' night here tomorrow night with a dear friend. Okay, Jesus do your thing. In Jesus' name, heal me! Thank You! *grin*


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