Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It's been a while since I have posted TV Show Reviews, so I thought tonight I would do just that! *grin*

HARRY'S LAW ****** 9pm Monday
This show is fairly new to NBC, and I REALLY enjoy it. It has a little bit of everything, drama, action, and humor. I don't think I would have been the one to cast Kathy Bates as Harry, but she does a GREAT job in this role. It's on at 9pm on Mondays. I have the DVR set to tape it weekly!

PARENTHOOD ****** 9pm Tuesday
This show has become my favorite show of the entire week. This show follows one big family, as the three kids walk through parenthood and the grandparents walk through parenting the parents! This is the most heart-warming family show that I watch. Of course, the story line with Max the autistic kid is a favorite for me. Each family has their own dynamics and honesty in each of the characters. Right after I discovered the show (THANKS, ROCKSTARPARA!) I rented the first season DVD's from Netflix to get caught up! What a show! I hope it continues for several seasons to come. After all, I want to see what happens to Max. *grin*

OFF THE MAP **** 9pm, Wednesday
Okay, okay, I will admit, I went into the show OFF THE MAP not expecting to like it. When they said "From the producers of Grey's Anatomy" I was already biased. I like Grey's, but I think we only need one Grey's on TV! But, I will admit, I am glad I gave the show a shot. Yes, it does have the Grey's doctor drama that gets old, but the story lines of the patients always gets me. One night I probably would have teared up, if I was a crier! *grin* This show got four out of five stars because it's not a show I have to watch the night it is on. I typically DVR it and save it for the weekend. It's good, but not GREAT in my book.

FAIRLY LEGAL **** 9pm, Thursday
From the beginning, I liked this show. It has both drama and humor in it. This show is new to USA and we have only had three episodes so far, so there is not a whole lot to say at this point. You just have to see it to get the full effect. I do like it, but DVR it as well. I do look forward to it each week though! *grin*

The Mentalist **** 9pm Thursday
Okay, okay, the Mentalist is on it's third season, I think. When it first started, I did not like it at all. I thought the characters were arrogant, so I quit watching. Okay, well, I stumbled upon an episode not too long ago, and was hooked. The characters are still arrogant, but I will admit I am curious as to how Jane is going to solve the mystery each week. This is also a show that I DVR and watch on Saturday Mornings. Not something I have to see that night, but one that I do look forward to on Saturdays! *grin*

These are the newest shows that I watch now. Don't worry, I'm still a fan of NCIS, FLASHPOINT, and INPLAINSIGHT. I'm just not going to do reviews of those shows. They would ALL get five stars though! It is my hope that FLASHPOINT and INPLAINSIGHT return to TV this Spring/Summer. I REALLY hope they return! *grin*

There ya go! I hope this was enjoyable for you to read. As for me, I have a few things to do before PARENTHOOD starts in a little while!


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