Saturday, February 12, 2011

Only God Knew....

Tonight's service was incredible! I literally pinched myself at one point and smiled. Misty led worship to begin with, and that was fun. Stuart preached, and that was good too. I will admit, it wasn't a sermon for me, so I wound up writing down various scriptures to tape to my mirror to memorize this week. *grin* Well, it was still productive! *grin*

Misty came back up at 9 and let the 9-10 set. It was okay, but not really for me. So, I read my book! I am REALLY enjoying a book right now that I will share about in a few days when I finish the book. In fact, the book is so good that I kind of don't want to finish it because it's so good. I don't say that too much, but that's true of this one. *grin*

Anyway, after Misty's set Matt came out. I immediately put my book away when Matt came out. As I have shared before, this is the hour I look forward to the most ALL WEEK! Tonight my heart was expectant.

I will admit, up until this point, service was good but not SUPER GREAT for me. I knew that Matt's set was where I was going to Encounter God, and I was right! *grin*

He started out leading us in "Worth it all..." It's one of my FAVORITE Rita Springer songs, and I haven't heard it in a LONG time. I had been wrestling this week with God on a few things, and when we sang that Chorus, I encountered God in a way I can't even explain. I can say that it was the kind of encounter I was hoping for, but went above my expectations. Only God knew the depth of my heart this week, and only He knew how much I needed that chorus tonight.

Following that, we did another chorus that is dear to my heart. In 2002 I was sitting in the Prayer Room one night waiting for EGS to start, and a chorus came out during the spontaneous singing that is actually hung up in my room from that night. The chorus says, "Everything I ever wanted I have found in You..." And the way Matt sings it, it absolutely melted my heart. ONLY God knew the significance of that chorus in my life and how important that would be to me tonight! *grinnnnnnnnnn*

I love it when God does that. He knows exactly where I am at, and what I need exactly when I need it. And I pray I never lose the awe of that when it happens.

I am loved very well. *grin*


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