Thursday, February 17, 2011


Yesterday I woke up and came downstairs to begin my daily routine. It was 7:08 on the clock in the kitchen. Then it hit me, IT'S WEDNESDAY. My next thought was, "Is there a meeting this morning?" I knew that if there was a meeting, it was slated for 7:45. Yeah, I hadn't even fed Jay yet, much less showed and cleaned up to start the day. So, I logged in to my email and checked. Yep, Leadership Team, 7:45. I kicked it into gear, getting ready FAST. I wound up walking into the meeting at 7:55. On one hand, I was ten minutes late, and that's not good. On the other hand, I got ready, took care of Jay, and was sitting in a chair in the meeting in less than an hour. That's impressive. It's all about perspective. *grin*

My doctor put me on a new migraine preventative. Her words to me were "One of the side effects is that pop might taste different." I will admit, this didn't appeal to me, but in order to cut down the headaches I am willing to give it a try. Sure enough, within two days, Pepsi tasted different. Not bad, just different. But, what I have noticed is that I drink less pop now. On one hand, it's sad because I can't taste Pepsi the way I could. On the other hand, it's better for my teeth and health to drink less pop. It's all about perspective. *grin*

In recent weeks we have received a lot of snow. BEAUTIFUL snow. I kept looking at it, just thanking God for the beautiful white snow. This week we have had a snap of Spring Weather and today was the first day we did not have snow on the ground. In fact, Jay and I walked the entire walk on the sidewalks. This is a first for us in a LONG time. *grin* It's all about perspective.

Today I was in class working with a difficult student. I have been working with this student on various behaviors for quite a while, and progress has been SLOW. Today the student kicked into one of the behaviors again and I just looked at him and motioned for him to settle down. I was getting frustrated, and twice he said SORRY, and it melted my heart. I wasn't frustrated anymore. It's all about perspective. *grin*

I was talking to RockStarPara yesterday about people who use their disabilities for gain. I told her it bugged me when people who are disabled use their disability as a crutch. (This is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves.) I told her it would be like me getting a disabled car tag. I am capable of walking to a front door of a place of business. She disagreed with me, stating that I should have a car tag because I have a limp. My point of view is that that spot should be used by someone in a wheelchair, not by me. We kindly agreed to disagree on this topic. *grin* It's all about perspective.

I had a situation today where someone called to apologize for something that wasn't even their fault, and I wasn't even upset about what had happened. It was an innocent mistake, and I knew that. I believe that people make mistakes and life is too short to get worked up every time someone makes an honest mistake. From her perspective, she was concerned that I would immediately jump to the worst-case scenario and be really upset. From my perspective, it was a mistake and I knew the heart of the person involved and I honestly hadn't given it any thought. While I accepted the apology, as that clearly mattered to the other person, I did clarify that it wasn't her fault and that sometimes stuff happens and honest mistakes are made. She was clearly touched by my words and lack of jumping to the worst conclusion. *grin* IT'S ALL ABOUT PERSPECTIVE.


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