Friday, February 11, 2011


Today I was blessed in a rather unexpected way. One of my students was absent today and when I went into the Regular Education Classroom that I go into daily, I got to sit in a different spot in that classroom during the class period. I got to sit by KUKID today!

I have always had a good rapport with KUKID, but had never sat near him or talked to him. Today the class was working on reducing fractions. I sat by KUKID and noticed he was actually taking notes! To my knowledge they weren't told to take notes, he just did it to help himself learn the material. I was IMPRESSED by this young man. His notes were neat, in order, and definitely written in such a way that if he had to refer back to them he would know what they meant. I LOVED IT!

After the actual instruction, the students were given practice problems to do. KUKID did the problems with very little difficulty. I did get up and help my own students on a few of them, but I kept going back to my seat while the Regular Education Teacher reviewed, explained, etc. KUKID got it, and I sat there and smiled ear-to-ear.

While I ABSOLUTELY ADORE my students, it was refreshing to see a student who learned quickly and took responsibility for his work without hesitation or complaint. I didn't have to say "focus" or "get your head up" or "you need to be taking notes." He just did it.

After the lesson instruction, and his assignment was done we talked about other things too. I learned that he loves to read, and reads a lot of different genres of books. In fact, after I went back to my classroom I picked out a four books out of my own library that are too hard for my students and took them to him. He wound up borrowing two of them. *grin*

I was encouraged today in a way that is hard to express in words. Don't get me wrong, I know that God created me to say "focus", "get your head up", "you need to re-do this", or "you need to be taking notes that you can read". He also created me to work with students who have difficulty learning. I really believe that.

That being said, I tend to forget that there is a world where students just do what they are supposed to, learn without much difficulty, and care about their grades just because it's the right thing to do-not because of something they will get if they do it.

I walked out of that room feeling refreshed, and I silently thanked God for the experience. I didn't know it, but I was really getting frustrated with what I've been noticing in my own classroom and today God blessed me and encouraged me in a very special way. *grin*

Oh, and it's an added bonus that he likes KU! *grin*


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