Wednesday, February 02, 2011


It's weird to think that I haven't left the house since Monday night. The even more amazing part is that I actually like it. I know that some people are going stir-crazy in their homes, but I'm not. I am really enjoying the time with Jay and relaxing. Well, okay, relaxing being a relative term. I have actually gotten a few things done around the house that I would have done on Saturday instead. I LOVE this! It's like I feel like I'm ahead now! There's not much left on the "to do" list except one thing: READ!

I have been reading one book but am REALLY looking forward to my NEXT book! My current book is good, but the one I checked out from the library at my school the other day REALLY looks good. I'm forcing myself to finish my current book first. I have often wondered why I do that to myself, but being the reader that I am, I have to finish one book before I start another one! There's no LAW that says you have to do that. *grin* It's part of my charm!

Time to go read. Oh, and I have another Snow Day tomorrow to do just that!


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