Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jay Talks in His Own Way *grin*

You may find it a tad ridiculous, but Jay sleeps on top of my bed comforter every night. He also chooses to sleep with a KU blanket on top of him. I guess he is cold at night, as I turn the thermostat down slightly every night. Or perhaps he wants to be like me, covered with quilts. *grin* He also does this in the morning while I'm getting ready for school. He's my constant source of entertainment!

It also amazes me how he can communicate with me, even though he can't talk.

Last night I was asleep, and I heard him scratching on the comforter. This is a common sound I hear, as he's typically moving the quilt back over him after sleeping for a period of time on top of it. Last night, it didn't stop though, and I remember waking up just to see what the problem was, and if he was okay. Sure enough, I sat up and noticed that he had knocked his quilt OFF the bed. Poor kid, he was trying to wake me so I would put the quilt back on the bed. I grabbed the quilt, saw his little tail start wagging, covered him, and went back to sleep.

He was a happy little guy and I was happy to go back to sleep. *grin*

It made me stop and think (today) about how much he communicates with me. From letting me know he needs to go outside, to telling me he wants a treat (I'm manipulated by the puppy face once each night!), to just wanting to cuddle, the kid talks a lot for not being able to say a word.

I think that's cool. My best friend is non-verbal, yet I know EXACTLY what he's trying to say, all the time.



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