Friday, September 02, 2011

Listening to Little People Read!!!

Today I did something really amazing. Okay, well, I thought it was amazing. Some of you may think I need psychiatric help after I share with you what I did, AND the fact I ENJOYED IT. *grin*

Today I helped assess our entire building on their reading skills. That's right, ALL DAY I sat and listened to kids read passages that I gave them. Yes, I was tired by the end of it, but it was an AMAZING experience for me.

Before I share my thoughts on the day, I want to share that I LOVE MY LITTLE CORNER OF THE WORLD. I wake up every day and look forward to going to work and working with the little people God put in my life for this small portion of their lives. I am blessed to have EACH of my students in my life. They teach me just as much as I teach them on a daily basis. I really believe that.

That being said, today I had an AMAZING time working with ALL the students of my school. It was AMAZING to hear kids who can read REALLY well. I enjoyed listening to student after student breeze through the passages that were laid in front of them. Sure there were some that struggled, and you know what? I LOVED THAT TOO!

I will admit though, it was almost like I was reminded that there are kids who read without difficulty. Kids who read and LOVE IT. While that is true for most of my students too, it was just different today with the other kids. I had one student toward the end of the day read 200 words in one minute! I did my best not to let my jaw drop! It was amazing!

My last student of the day was actually a favorite of mine. He's not on my caseload, but he has been a favorite of mine since the building opened the first year I was here. I was SO EXCITED that he was on my list (We didn't pick who read to us, we had a list assigned to us!) and thought it was very appropriate that I ended my day with him!

I think it's okay to enjoy days like today. That's a healthy thing.

Don't get me wrong, come Tuesday (Love three-day weekends!) I'll be jazzed to be back in my little corner of the world.

Today sure was fun though! *grin*


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