Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Little Escape Artist!!!

This morning I had an EARLY morning meeting where I was slated to help facilitate a training session for our staff. Jay & I got up, did our morning routine, and I grabbed a treat to put him in his box. I put him him the box, LOCKED THE DOOR, said, "Bye, Jay, I love you!" and left for my meeting. He didn't fight me on going into the box at all. Truthfully, I have more issue with him being in the box than he does.

Fast forward to about 6:00 when I arrived home tonight. I opened my front door, and there was Jay, HAPPY to see me! I stood there, stunned. Absolutely perplexed. How did the furry kid get out of his box? I KNOW that I locked it this morning! Hum.

I walked toward the kitchen, and found ALL THE KITCHEN TRASH all over the floor! (That's why when I do leave him out, the trash is put in the bathroom downstairs and the door is shut!) I looked at him, and he ran up the stairs. He KNOWS he isn't supposed to be in the trash. He expected me to be mad. I just cleaned the trash and went upstairs to check out the kennel box. He climbed in the box expecting trouble. I just wanted to see how he got out.

I am still stumped. It took some effort for him to get out of the box. He's now going to have a new nickname, "The Little Escape Artist."

At first he was distant with me, expecting trouble, but I never got onto him. Truth be told, I was a little proud of him for being that smart. So, I said, "Come here", and we cuddled.

Silly dog.

I'm just hoping this was a one-day deal. If he's out tomorrow, I think I may need to invest in a padlock to keep him in the box. He now thinks cords are fun to chew. *grin*


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