Tuesday, November 01, 2011


...that LOVED her job. She awoke everyday, with anticipation of what the day had in store for her. As her feet hit the floor, she would pray before she even turned on the light to begin the day.

Once at school, the day began. She adores each one of her little people, as they make her smile everyday. Each little person is crafted with gifts and talents that He put within then for them to grow up and be productive members of society. Each one brings unique things to the classroom that makes the classroom an amazing place to be.

The majority of the time, the little people tried their best in all they did. While the tasks were hard at times, they tried with the teacher's help, and often learned they could do more than they previously thought they could. That brought smiles to their faces.

Except for one little person. The teacher was constantly puzzled, as this little person was capable of doing more work than what was turned in. So the teacher tried a different approach.

Within a matter of days that approach didn't work either. The teacher wasn't sure what to do. The world she came from things were done differently, so she was stuck.

So one night she went for a walk with her dog. She was really frustrated, because what she discovered as she walked and prayed was that she cared more about the person's grade than the person did. While that knowledge was not new, the knowledge led to frustration.

So, she continued to pray. On one hand she thought, "Well, if the person doesn't care, why do I?" Then a thought hit her as she walked and prayed. God cares all the time, even when she doesn't. Hum....

So she continued to walk and pray.

She wanted to be a teacher that helped this little person, but even at the end of her walk continued to be perplexed.

In the end, the teacher decided that giving up wasn't an option, even though God hadn't given her a complete answer like she had hoped. She knew from previous experience that sometimes answers come in the most unexpected ways.

So, she prayed before she went to bed and asked God for good sleep so she could be a good teacher the next day. And, the cycle began the next day....

(to be continued)

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