Saturday, November 26, 2011


This afternoon I watched the OU game with a friend of mine (via text, and it was entertaining!), followed by the KU game. (Don't say a word...this gal wasn't thrilled with the outcome of the Border War.) Now, I'll be the first to admit, I don't watch college football normally. College basketball, yeah, but not football. *grin* I will admit, I checked email partway through the KU game and a student challenged me to a deal based upon the outcome of the game. I'm afraid to know what I owe the kid! *grin*

Anyway, as I was watching these sports that I don't usually watch, I learned about the NBA, and lack of season they're having right now. Although it seems like some sort of deal has been reached, I was initially mad. Once again, it appears to this gal that sports players are holding out for more money TO PLAY A GAME for a living. ARE YOU SERIOUS? Now, I'm not one to say that what they do is easy, as I could not shoot a three-pointer even if I tried. HOWEVER, while they are playing a game, I'm in a classroom working like crazy trying to teach kids how to be able to read, write, do math, and be a productive member of society. We won't even mention the wages they earn versus mine. I was pretty worked up.

Then I stopped and thought about things. Time is always helpful. *grin* Yeah, they are making more than me, and will have a bigger house and riches that I will never see this side of Heaven. However, at the end of their lives, they have played a game. I will have been used by God to touch generations that I won't even meet. I also will have created relationships that last a lifetime, and (if I'm invited along for the ride) hear about the wonderful things that the young people that are in my class will go on to do with their lives. (One's already on his way to be a Special Education Teacher! *grin*)

Perspective is always everything. Life ALWAYS comes back to perspective. From where I sit, I'd rather be a teacher than anything else this side of Heaven. Even though it means a lot of work outside of school, as well as during the school day, that's okay. Those big people can play basketball all day and make their millions.

I'll teach kids, touch generations, and (maybe) every once in a while, get to see what the fruit I've planted grows into years later.



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