Friday, November 25, 2011

It's a Blessing to Me...

...when I hear from a former student's family that I haven't talked to in a while. That happened today.

I received a letter from a former student's family asking me if I would attend graduation for that student. I stopped and had a *grin* on my face. It's been years since this young man was in my class, and I was touched as I read the letter. I have already written down the date and time of the ceremony. It will require a road trip, as the student has moved to Oklahoma, but that's just fine by me!

I read the letter and responded right away. I also sent a letter to the student, letting him know how proud I am of him. According to his Dad, my student has gone on to earn mostly A's in school and is even taking some classes at a local community college. It's always a blessing to hear of the good things going on in my former student's lives.

I also consider it an honor to be invited back into the lives of my former little people. Okay, well, they're never LITTLE by the time they reach graduation. *grin* They're adults, ready to take on the real world, and I'm there to see them off. I'm blessed to be invited to see them do that.

Hearing from my former student's family today, was definitely the highlight of my day!


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