Saturday, November 19, 2011


Tonight I went to FCF and was BLESSED in a really cool way. I got there right at 6, and I literally laid my stuff in my seat, and Misty and her team came out to lead worship. I was excited because this week had some character-building moments, and I really wanted my focus to be in the Lord. It took me a while to get where I wanted to be with the Lord (Which is often how it goes for me after a week like the one I had.) but once I was there, I was grinning ear-to-ear. For almost ninety minutes, we had worship led by Misty's team, and I LOVED it. She even did an oldie but a goodie, "ONCE AGAIN" that we did back in my OPEN HAND days. I just grinned. IT WAS AMAZING!!!

After worship Mike preached, which was good. He preached over several scriptures, but one of my favorites was in there! Phil 2 is one of my FAVORITE passages of scripture and it was great to hear him preach on it. (Or part of it.) It was even more touching for me when Misty's team sang it in worship after the sermon. I LOVED IT!

That leads me to AFTER service. We usually go into prayer time, and tonight we didn't. Instead, we had more musical worship! I LOVED IT! From 6-10 I was pretty much right at home.

Honestly, it was the BEST four hours of my week!!!

As I sat there tonight, something else hit me. We only have TWO days of school this week. That means I can go to the PRAYER ROOM the rest of the week! AWESOME!


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