Monday, November 21, 2011


Every once in a while there is a day that touches my heart, and today was one of them. I was ABSOLUTELY blessed by THREE quotes that I heard today. *grin* I tell ya what, I'm CONSTANTLY blessed in ways that I sometimes forget about. Then God gives me three quotes that make me go, "Yeah, right, I hear ya loud and clear, God!" Here they are:

On my way to lunch today, I saw one of my favorite second graders. This little guy has been my buddy since he was in Kindergarten. He came over to give me a hug and said, "Ms. Springer, when I give you a hug everyday, it's the highlight of your day." I grinned. Yep, he's right. It's at least ONE of my highlights. He's one special kid.

Later on in my day, I was talking to a parent about her son being transitioned out of my room a little bit each day. He's made so much progress, he's ready to try more time in the Regular Education Setting! I love this, as that's my ENTIRE goal! To get them in a place where they are ready to be back in that classroom setting. The parent shared that the other night as they shared the news with the student, he started to cry. This completely took his parents by surprise. When the parent asked why the child was so upset, the child said, "I'm worried about Ms. Springer. She's going to miss me!" How cute is that? I was enormously blessed as his parent shared this story. *grin*

Finally, tonight we had our annual Grandparents night where the students brought Grandparents and friends. I am co-leading our Book Fair, so I was there the entire night. (So were my parents, THANKS FOR YOUR HELP MOM AND DAD!) Anyway, I was talking to a set of parents that I am getting to know this year, and I was touched by what one of them said. As I was showing them books for their student, the Dad said to me TWICE, "You know, I wish we could pay you to privately teach our kid all day everyday. He'd love it, and I know you'd do a great job." While I know this was said in a bit of a tongue-and-cheek way, it was also somewhat serious. My response, of course, was a "Thanks." Inside, I was thanking God. Only He knew how much that little comment would bless me today.

I love my job, and I know I'm good at it. (And I mean that in the most humble way.) But every once in a while God blesses us with the unexpected blessings that only come from Him. Yep, today is a day I won't forget. I'm one blessed gal. *grin*


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