Wednesday, November 23, 2011


When I moved here a little over two years ago, I was told that they were going to be doing road construction behind my house that summer and that I would have a reduced rent because of it. I'm not really sure what I expected at the time, but that summer there was zero construction behind my house. Two miles down the road toward the west, it had started, and the project was moving SLOWLY.

Over time, the project did reach my area of the street, and it was S-L-O-W going. Truthfully, I understand why, as they took a two lane road with just enough road space for that much road, and had to re-do electric lines, sewage systems, and everything in between to make room for FOUR lanes. In addition to the four lanes, they also added a turn lane into my neighborhood which is appreciated more than YOU will ever know.

Honestly, this past summer I got REALLY frustrated with the construction. It seemed like every time they would make some progress and I thought we were getting somewhere, something new would have to be torn apart to be worked on. For the past 5 months I had to exit out of my neighborhood a different way because my usual way was closed. It frustrated me, and honestly I thought it was never going to be finished. I had lost hope.

Yesterday, as I headed to school, two of the lanes were open!!! I was surprised, and excited all at the same time. I didn't let myself get too excited though, as the other two lanes needed to have the lines striped on them. I was right though, as I drove home the other two lanes were still closed. That was okay though. Two out of four wasn't bad.

This afternoon Jay and I headed out to take care of some errands, and ALL FOUR LANES WERE OPEN!!! I turned to Jay and screamed! He just looked at me. *grin* He clearly wasn't as frustrated as I was by the whole mess.

Of course, this all leads me to what God has taught me through all of this road construction. The whole thing is not any different than my walk with Him. Some seasons he does some DEEP work on my heart, and I sometimes feel like I'm not getting anywhere, and then something happens and I realize I'm going further than I think I am. That happened this past Monday.

I'm working harder than I think I ever have in my teaching career, and I'm so very thankful that I was raised in a home where hard work was the expectation. That being said, sometimes I work 8am until 9pm (Not kidding, I force myself to take an hour off each night before going to sleep and doing it all over again the next day.) and wonder if I'm getting anywhere. Then this past Monday Night, I was blessed by parents of my students who let me (or my Mom and Dad) know how blessed they are to have me as a teacher. Now, don't hear the "poor me" routine. ANYONE who knows me, knows I'm not one who lives with that mentality. But, just like those four lanes were finally opened today, sometimes God just gives me a boost to let me know, I'm right where He wants me (for now) and I'm doing what I'm created to do. *grin*

I love that!


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