Monday, December 12, 2011

A Divine Appointment

Yesterday I had an incredible time with my friend Slim that I wanted to blog about. Truthfully, I think I want to blog about it more for me than you, so I can remember it. However, I pray someone is blessed by it as I share what happened.

For the past few weeks, Slim and I have been trying to get together to hang out after driving shuttles. As it turned out, things kept happening and we couldn't get together. Finally, yesterday we got together. Believe it or not, the plan was to go to McDonald's and hang out. (Yes, I LOVE the fries!)

We walked in the McDonald's and scanned the place. I have to admit, I was blown away by the set up of the new McDonald's on Red Bridge. Well, it was new to me at least. *grin*

As we scanned the place, we saw an older gentleman reading a Bible. Slim said, "Hey, I wonder what he's reading." I grinned. I know Slim, we were about to walk into an adventure together, with the Lord. I said, "I'll go ask him." To which Slim replied, "No, I'll go." I grinned. That's the thing about Slim, you just never know what's going to go on when you're with him. So, he went. I turned around and scanned the menu. (I knew what I wanted, but didn't want to stare at the two guys chatting.) Sure enough, next thing I heard was Slim saying, "Can my friend join us?" I knew it, we were about to go on an adventure!

The guys came over to order food, and I met the gentleman. I'll call him Wanderer, for the sake of this post.

Afterward, we sat down and talked for ninety minutes. Long story short, it turns out he's new to the area, and goes to our church. Our church is HUGE, so it's not surprising that we hadn't met him yet. We prayed over him, which was cool, and the Lord gave me a picture for him. I held onto it, waiting for Him to say, "Share it!"

Once it was clear we were about to leave, I took a moment and shared what He had for our new Wanderer Friend. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when the Lord uses me like this, because I didn't know the guy. So, it's wasn't like I was speaking over situations I know about. The picture and word I gave, followed by a prayer, were confirmed on the spot!!!! GO GOD! I loved it!!! IT WAS THE HIGHLIGHT OF MY WEEKEND! *grin*

As we got in the car, Slim and I were grinning ear-to-ear. Slim said, "I feel like that was a divine appointment." I said, "Yes, it was!" God can use anyone at any time. I'm just glad He used me in that moment. *grin*


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