Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Silent Statement *grin*

Every Sunday I get up and go drive shuttles for IHOP-KC. I LOVE Sunday Mornings! I really enjoy the team I drive shuttles with, as we laugh A LOT on shuttles. In fact, we have so many inside jokes that laughter is a regular thing on the shuttles. With nicknames of drivers, names of regular passengers, and stories that come forth each week, it is always a lot of fun. So, last week something happened that I found blogworthy, as it truly brought me back to perspective.

Each week, our parking lot is FULL. The Forerunner Lot is full every week, as it is a small lot and the majority of it is actually reserved for disabled drivers and those with children too young to ride the shuttles. In addition to that, we have volunteers who direct traffic and assist people in knowing where to park. Those volunteers also put cones in certain areas so that the shuttles have enough room to get through the lot. In my two years of doing shuttles, the cones have always worked...until last week.

Actually, it started the week before, but was taken a step further last week. As the shuttles leave the lot, there is an aisle that we REALLLY need open. Especially coming into the snowy weather months, we NEED that aisle free. So, week before last, one person moved a cone and parked there. It irked us as shuttle drivers, but hey, we didn't do anything.

Last Sunday, we made a silent statement. (Or, a silent statement was made for us via one of the parking attendants.) I was driving during the "rush" time, and I saw a car park where they shouldn't. I immediately got on the radio and told parking about it. The only problem was that they were swamped too, so nothing was done. Over the next twenty or so minutes, people MOVED cones and parked behind that initial person that cheated. It became a joke of sorts throughout our shift, as it bothered us, because those drivers were simply parking close to the building. They weren't thinking about how that spot was reserved for a reason. We joked, we laughed. And honestly, when the attendant made a statement and put a cone on top of the car, we were all happy. *grin*

It didn't change anything. We still had a wider turn to make. We still wondered why someone would go so far as to MOVE A CONE to park where they weren't supposed to do so.

I have pondered this quite a bit this week. So often in life there are things out of our control. I have to DAILY give things over to God, as I know so much isn't in my control. That's tough sometimes, but gives me peace all at the same time.

I have to admit, it was fun seeing that cone on top of the car. It was a way for those of us driving shuttles to let those people know that we needed those spots open. (And in all fairness, we kicked around a lot of other ideas, and this was nothing compared to the creative juices flowing. *grin*) From my seat, it was wrong of someone to take my aisle that I needed to drive in. And it was fun to have a statement made to get that message across.

Will it change things for tomorrow? I don't know. I hope it made a difference. We'll see tomorrow. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes. *grin*


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