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Every year I take time after ONETHING to post memorable moments from the conference. For those of you new to my little world, ONETHING is a conference put on the by the INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF PRAYER in Kansas City. For four days, December 28 through midnight on New Year's, approximately 25,000 people come together to seek God's Heart, and go deeper in the things of Him. Every year is slightly different for me, but the one thing that remains constant for me is that I meet Him in deep ways throughout those four days.

I started each day driving shuttles for the conference and that continues to be a highlight for me. I met people from all over the world, as well as some from IHOP-KC. While it may sound boring, driving people from Grandview to downtown, it was actually a lot of fun. I enjoy hearing people's stories and how they came to learn about IHOP-KC. I was even blessed financially twice by passengers for the ride! *grin* God is so amazing like that! Perhaps my favorite part of driving shuttles occurred on my last drive of the conference (for me) as we went from downtown to IHOPU. As a group of young people got on the shuttle, they commented that they enjoyed the CD going. I had Jon Thurlow's CD playing, and about halfway back, they started singing STRONG LOVE with the CD! It was the only shuttle this year for me of singers, but it was A BLAST! It was a perfect way to end my shuttle driving for the conference. *grin*

Everyday after shuttles, I went to the PRAYER ROOM. (One of the perks of driving shuttles is that you can just hop on the next one headed down to the conference. *grin*) Everyday there was a different team leading, but I found myself REALLY soaking this year in the Prayer Room. In year's past, I have had deep stuff to work through, and I didn't feel that this year. I just entered in, which was a lot of fun and honestly a new experience for me. I can't remember doing a conference where I didn't feel I had to work through a lot before I could enjoy it. *grin* That made this year especially cool for me!

My second day in the Prayer Room (First day was quiet and not much to share) I went up to about the third row and entered in. It was loud, and I LOVED it! I sat down for some reason (can't remember now) and I heard a gal behind me crying. I looked behind me, and this young lady was definitely in a moment with God. I sat there a moment and knew what I had to do. I got out my tissues (I had two pocket-sized packs with me) and gave her a couple. Then I looked at her and told her she could just keep it because I had another one. She was touched. Then I asked her if I could pray for her. (AT ONETHING, NO ONE SAYS NO TO PRAYER! *grin*) I wound up praying for her and a word came forth for her. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! I held her as she cried. I honestly didn't know what God was doing in her, and didn't need to know. It was clear the word was right, and that she was blessed by it. I couldn't tell you what I said, as that's how He uses me. I just know it blessed her, and therefore it blessed me. *grin* I should also mention that the next day (maybe two days later, it all runs together *grin*) she got on my shuttle. God is moving her here, and I'm so excited for her! The word that came forth was confirmation for her! WOOHOO! GO GOD! *grin*

After the Prayer Room, I headed up to save a seat for the evening session. If my memory serves right (And, I'm still REALLY tired from the whole conference!) Misty led the first night. It was A LOT of fun for me! I know all of her stuff, and it makes it REALLY easy to enter in with her leading. I will admit, after that, I skipped the sermon and went to the Prayer Room. I went in and read. Yeah, I LOVE to sit and read in the Prayer Room, and that's what I did. It was very relaxing, and exactly what I needed!

The next night Cory Asbury led worship, and I LOVE his worship. He had some new songs that I hadn't heard before, so that was cool. There's a chorus I'll share with you here in a bit that sums up what connected the most with me the whole conference, but suffice to say, I really enjoyed Cory's set. Allen Hood preached after that. It was so good I think I want to get a copy of the sermon. Allen has an incredible gift of bringing the "awe" of God back to my heart. The sermon he preached the other night was my favorite one of the whole conference. For most of you who know me, you're probably thinking, well, it's Allen, he's always your favorite. While he is my favorite preacher on the base, God pierced my heart the most when he preached more than anyone else. I was blessed. *grin*

Davy Flowers led worship Friday night, and did a good job. However, I'll admit, when Laura Hackett got up during the offering time, I LOVED that more! Laura Hackett is a strong woman of the Lord, and her worship must move God's Heart, because it ALWAYS touches mine. *grin*

Misty preached one evening as well, and I will admit, I got a lot of nuggets from that as well. Misty kind of preaches on love every time, so it is often the same sermon with slight variations. While that was true this year, she did have some new pieces that had me pondering as well. I enjoyed it.

Out of the entire conference, I honestly connected with God the most last night when Cory led. Yeah, the LAST worship set of the conference, I got what I needed. God sometimes does that, He waits to give me what I need until the very end.

Karen came into town to join me for the last evening of the conference. The amazing part was what God taught me throughout the week. It used to bother me a little when I would do four days "alone" at the conference. What I didn't expect was for Him to tell me early on in the week to plan on being with just Him all week. Meaning, all the friends I had coming into town, to not plan on doing much with them. I was good with that. Little did I know why He said that. I was so BLESSED by the lesson within what was about to happen.

As the week progressed, I learned how many people I REALLY do know around the base, and how many friends I have made. I would be walking from one place to another and hear, "Hey Shannon" and turn and see someone I knew from shuttles or the Prayer Room or somewhere in between. While this may seem minor to you, this was HUGE for me. Two and a half years ago when I moved here from Joplin, I didn't know anyone on the base, and was very impatient in the beginning with the lack of relationships. God showed me this week that relationships take TIME to build. It takes time to be in a time and place when people recognize you and can say "Hey Shannon" or as some would say "Hey Pleasant", which is my nickname on shuttles. It was AMAZING!

I know I got the lesson, and then it was as if God said, "Now enjoy New Year's with one of your favorite people." Karen arrived last night, and while ONETHING isn't her thing, we had a great time entering in the year together. Karen will never know how much joy it brought me to share that with her. It was amazing.

Now, back to my absolute favorite part of the entire week. Last night, Cory came out to lead worship (I enjoyed Matt's set by the way, it was fun too!) and before dancing we did a few songs. I'll be honest, I'm not sure that what connected with me was a chorus or actually part of a new song, but it's my new theme for 2012:


LIFE IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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