Thursday, January 05, 2012

Wow!!! God is AMAZING!

Tonight is my first night at home without conference stuff (with the exception of one, I guess) in a week. This past week has been INCREDIBLE. I have experienced, heard, and learned some incredible things. One of which I REALLY wanted to share tonight.

I have ALWAYS believed in the power of prayer. Part of the draw to IHOP-KC for me is the emphasis on prayer. I've been that young lady who enjoys prayer when others are bored by it. So, I LOVE living here, being among intercessors. *grin* Little did I expect for God to give me an encounter like I had last night, through my very own friend Karen.

Karen is an amazing woman of God. I am blessed to have her in my life, I truly am. She's human, transparent, honest, and walks in the things of the Lord in ways I long to walk in them. Part of her walk though comes from experience, and I'm still gaining my own experience in God, so it's taking time for me to grow into what HE wants ME to be. That being said, Karen is one of my absolute favorite people on this planet, and He showed up in my life last night in an AMAZING way, through her.

I was battling a headache last night. It was growing as we entered into service last night, and I was bummed as I was REALLY looking forward to the last night of the Abolition Summit being held at FCF. We entered into worship, and I sat through it. That's not me, and Karen knew it. Afterward, she asked me if I was okay. I told her I had a headache.

At that point, Karen asked where the pain was, and she put her hands there, prayed, and the pain lifted. Now, I have had experiences where I have gone into services with headaches and have been healed during the worship just by singing to Him, but I have NEVER had someone lay hands on me like that and God heal me right then. I grinned, and thanked Him. I still had pressure in the back, but it wasn't really an appropriate time to ask her to pray again. (Seems odd now to say that, as IHOP people wouldn't care, but I don't know, at the time it just didn't seem right.) So, during the offering time, I turned to her and said, "Okay, would you pray right here, I have pressure." She asked if it was pain or pressure. I told her it was pressure. She prayed. She didn't yell. She didn't hassle God. She just prayed for healing. And IMMEDIATELY it was gone!!! I just grinned and a tear fell.

I realize I write a lot about the Lord, and it may possibly drive some people nuts. Honestly, I don't care. Last night He showed up and healed me. Healing is something I've believed in, and I have prayed for healing over people but haven't seen or experienced IMMEDIATE healing like that before.

It changed me.

While I've been exhausted all day today due to all the running around the past week, I've also thought quite a bit about those moments last night.

It isn't about Karen. In fact, Karen would call me to the carpet if I said it was about her.

It was about Jesus.

I pray I never forget those moments in time last night.

He did it to heal me. I also believe He did it to reveal Himself to me in a new way.

Thank You, Jesus.


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