Saturday, February 04, 2012

Loving the Unexpected

Yesterday I awoke with a whopper of a headache. I laid in bed and prayed. I told God that we needed this weather to stay either cold or warm because I have had two headaches in the past week. *grin* As I laid there, I told God I wasn't going to miss school, so I needed healing. I laid in bed an extra ten minutes praying. I got up and started moving.

God and I have been on my journey of migraines, and he knows that I REFUSE to miss out on life due to a headache. *grin* Life's too short to stay home. So, I kept moving, even though the head still hurt. Of course, it won't surprise you to hear that by the time I left for school it was almost completely gone. Yea, God! I love it when He does that! *grin*

Now, I will admit that part of the motivation was selfish. I had a student that wrote in the neatest handwriting I'd EVER seen him do, and we had made a deal. Unfortunately, that meant I was wearing an MU shirt all day in honor of the kid. It helped though, that very kid wrote neatly again yesterday and LOVED the attention he received. I realized as the day went on that I really hadn't given him much of my time before, and God taught us BOTH a lot throughout the day. I love it when he does that.

The moment of the day that blessed me the most was my most unexpected one. Before school, CHATTERBOXBOY came in and gave me a pack of plain M&M's. I grinned. I adore the student, even though he chatters A LOT in class. I am able to joke with him though, so we have a really cool relationship. Later in the morning, his Mom emailed me to see how he did the day before. (Love parental support like that. LOVE. IT.) In my reply, I thanked her for the M&M's, as I figured she had bought it. We wound up doing email tag for a few moments (It was during my plan period, which was neat!) and she told me that CHATTERBOXBOY had bought it with his own money and it was HIS OWN IDEA! I grinned. Then she stated that his words were something to the tune of "I didn't listen very well in her class this week, so I want to give this to her." As I read that, I got tears in my eyes. What a sweet little guy! I told his Mom that I was touched and would be sure to thank HIM when he came in for class later in the day.

When he entered the room, I called him over to me. He immediately thought he was in trouble, and I let him know he wasn't. When I thanked him for the M&M's, he thought it wasn't a big deal. I told him it was a very nice thing to do, and I thanked him. The odd part, I think, was that he didn't want that attention. He just did what he thought was right. Period. I thought that was even more of a blessing. He's an amazing little guy. I'm blessed to have him in my class. VERY blessed.

I tell ya what, God has SO MUCH FUN blessing us with the most unexpected things in the most unexpected ways. I know that yesterday was a day I will never forget because one of his kids took a moment to bless his teacher. One might think M&M's aren't a big deal, but they were a whole lot more than that to me. *grin* Thank You, Lord. In a world of pouring out, it was a blessing to be poured into from a little boy.


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