Thursday, February 16, 2012


All day today I have pondered a phone call I made last night. I was about to order a Joplin friend some books for her birthday, and then wondered if she had a Kindle. So, I called her. What followed was an INCREDIBLY enjoyable chat. We haven't chatted in quite a while, and I just grinned all evening after we hung up. I miss my friend more than I realized. She's an amazing woman.

Today I found myself thinking about it, and I honestly missed my entire staff there. It's a good thing that it's normal to miss people sometimes. I really do like it here, and the staff here is really cool. That being said, I missed my friends today. I am blessed to be able to be where God wants me (here) and still stay in touch with friends there.

You wouldn't think a phone call would be a big deal, but honestly, I think it was the highlight of my week.


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