Thursday, March 08, 2012

HARD WORK *grin*

This week has been CRAZY-BUSY! I'm tired as if it's Friday, and it's Thursday. That's okay though, that just means I'm working hard for the money I make. I like that feeling. Perhaps that's an unusual statement these days, but I like feeling tired from a long day at work. That means I woke up and did what God created me to do today. Tomorrow I will get up and do the same thing tomorrow. Well, not the EXACT same thing.

Tomorrow is PD for our district. I enjoy those days. Sometimes I'm with adults and sometimes I'm in my room. No matter where I am, I enjoy doing something slightly different for a day. I also feel like I get a lot done on days like that. Tomorrow I get to be in a meeting in the morning and take care of various responsibilities in the afternoon. It will leave me feeling good going into Spring Break. *grin*

I'm ready for a break. I feel as if I've earned the break this year. It hasn't been bad by any means, but I have worked harder this year than I can recall working in previous years. I look forward to relaxing, curling up with a few books, cuddling with Jay, and going to Joplin to see some of my favorite people.

AND OF COURSE, it's March Madness!!! Speaking of which, there's a ball game on I want to watch!

Later, gators!
GREAT..even when it's incredibly tiring! *grin*

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