Saturday, March 03, 2012


Yesterday I had a really cool thing happen that I wanted to share. Sometimes in teaching, random stuff happens that is worth remembering. The story I'm about to share with you was one that I felt the Lord in, even as it was happening, and I could feel Him smile down on us even as it took place. *grin*

I had one student with me for a half hour before other students joined us, and he was doing math independently while I was working on grading papers. We were sitting at my main table, each doing our own thing. Rockstar Para had left her bag of popcorn on the table, and had gone to help in a sixth grade room. Yeah, you see where this is going, don't you? *grin*

About ten minutes into our silent working, I said, "That popcorn smells good." The student turned the popcorn to me. I took one piece, and started to get back to work, and grinned. I pushed the bag to him and he took a piece. He grinned too. I wrote on the paper I was working on, and grabbed some more popcorn and the student chuckled. He took more too. Then he said, "You know we're going to eat all of it." I just grinned and said, "Well, she's on a diet, we're just trying to help her out." *grin* We both laughed. So, we kept eating. Not too long after that, Rockstar Para walked in as I was putting my hand in the bag. *grin*

She pretended like she was mad, and my student and I started laughing. Rockstar Para started to blame the kid, jokingly, and I said, "Well, we're just trying to help you on your diet." She pretended like she was mad, but she wasn't. Both of us knew she was just joking.

She left to go back to the sixth grade room, and we both laughed. I told the student that I would buy Rockstar Para a replacement pack of popcorn this weekend. He said something like he knew I would. *grin*

Perhaps the coolest part of the whole thing was how naturally fun it was for both the student and me. While the student is a joy to be around anyway, it was one of those random things that I hope he remembers years from now. I know that for me, it was a moment in time that I won't forget. *grin*


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