Tuesday, March 20, 2012


The other night, I sat and watched KU win. Okay, I didn't really WATCH the game, I have found that if I WATCH, they play worse, so I was busy doing other things and cheering for my team. In the end, THEY WON!!! *grin* KU is in the SWEET SIXTEEN! I'M SO EXCITED! As if it's about me, as it's clearly not, but it has made me happy all week.

It has also made for some amazing kid-encounters this week. The class next to mine is full of MU fans, and I have worn my KU hoodie the past two days. (Different hoodies, thanks to papa-son Springer's Christmas gifts over the years. I plan to wear a different one each day this week!)

Today I came out of the restroom and one of the MU boys came out of the gym, looked at my shirt, and said, "Oh, my eyes, my eyes." I laughed.

I have to say I LOVE the KU/MU stuff that goes on here. I didn't really have it in Joplin, but it is HUGE here. I. LOVE. IT.

I'm praying that we win on Friday. I can only imagine what will happen with the little people will say on Monday if we don't. Then again, what does it matter? MU LOST IN THE FIRST ROUND! *grin*


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