Thursday, May 31, 2012

Evaluation Time!

Today I had Physical Therapy, and I was with Cheerleadergal again. I was actually excited to see her because the past few times I was in there, I didn't see her. So, it was good to have her again!

I went in and put on the bands. We're having to get a little more creative with them because they are being stretched to the max. I did a couple of laps, and then she told me that today was my re-evaluation day. I wasn't sure what that entailed, but it sounded official!

It meant I had to do some balance exercises. I did pretty well, but on one exercise I lost balance, and she wasn't ready for me and I fell. I was fine, but I felt really bad for her. She felt AWFUL about it. Little does she know that I've been fairly close to the ground throughout my lifetime, so it wasn't a big deal. *grin*

We also took measurements of my body to see how far I can move my legs compared to before and I have IMPROVED in all areas! Yesssss! I was SO happy about that! While I have improved, I want to keep going and work on my walk. Woody and I talked about this a few sessions back and he said that as long as I'm improving he'll continue to work with me. That made my day! So, today was cool.

I look forward to therapy again next week, as it seems that I each time I go I can do something I couldn't do the session before. I like that. *grin*

Step by step, I'm getting there. I'm beginning to walk with my feet a little straighter, my knees bent, and my posture straight up. While I still have progress to make, I'm getting there.


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