Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Today I have pondered my furry child. We have a really good time together, whether we enjoy a walk, sleep, a tv show, or just cuddling together. Perhaps you've had a lot of dogs, but he's my first one that I can call my own. Well, my own as an adult. I've blogged about him a lot, I know, but this kid blesses me on a constant basis.

Perhaps the neatest thing to me is how close we are, and no matter what I'm doing, he always knows that I will make time for him. I may be in the middle of doing something, and he'll climb up in my lap. Even if I have bills all around like I did earlier this week, he knows that we'll cuddle for a little while before he's off watching out the window again for a leaf or a bunny to go by. *grin*

Truthfully, there is a bunny living in the bushes outside my porch, and he's always checking out the bush. Sometimes the bunny runs, and sometimes it just stays put. I don't blame it. I don't know what Jay would really do if he knew if it was in there for sure. He's afraid of a lot of things, and I would venture to say he'd run away from it. *grin*

It reminds me of our walks. He'll cower and come to me if a dog is near, but the moment the dog is headed the other way, he'll bark as if he's the biggest dog on the block. I always chuckle, as it's funny to watch.

For now, he's telling me it's time to head upstairs. I love this kid!


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