Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Z's Workout & Exercises

Today I had two things on my schedule. Tutoring and Physical Therapy. I'm sure you have NO IDEA what I was looking forward to the most. *grin*

I will begin by saying that tutoring was a lot of fun. The student I'm tutoring has some goals for the summer, and will probably achieve them because she's a responsible student. It's always fun to work with someone who WANTS to achieve goals, and LOVES to read. This is going to be a fun summer with her. *grin*

After tutoring I headed to Physical Therapy. I couldn't remember who I was scheduled to work with, and I really didn't care. I only went once last week, so I was excited about today. I will admit though, due to the sun burn, I didn't walk with the bands yesterday. I thought I might be in trouble for that, but was pleasantly surprised when I wasn't. *grin*

One gal came and got me, and told me to go ahead and get the bands on. She also told me I would be working with Z. I was excited to hear that, as Z. is really nice, but he encourages and challenges me-kind of like Woody does. We also joke a lot, which is cool.

He took one look at my arms and was amazed at my sunburn! I told him that the reason I wore my wind pants instead of shorts is because I have legs that HURT due to the sunburn. He laughed and shared that he had a sunburn on his back too. Well, at least I was in good company! *grin*

He had me walk with the bands around the loop three times, then he had me sit. I will openly admit, I don't like sitting. *grin* (I've said that before.) He noticed and said, "You are ready to work, aren't you?" I said yes. *grin*

We did my balance exercises at the bar with my bands on. I'm getting better. It's still a challenge, but I did it 11 times (One time was so-so so I had to do an extra!)! I'm stronger at this point on the right step than the left. I'm learning the whole stand-up-straight-and-move-my-knees balance trick. Gosh, it all makes sense, but it's difficult to do now. In time it will get easier. Today, it's a challenge. My goal though, is to go to the student's house I'm tutoring at and NOT need a hand up the steps. *grin* Balance, gosh there's so much to learn! *grin*

Next we did the obstacle course. He was tough on me. First we did it the normal way, and then he changed it up and put the blocks CLOSER together. He told me he wanted to challenge me. And, you know what? I DID IT! On BOTH legs! HAHAHAHAHAHA! He put his hand up, and I gave him a high-five! It was AWESOME! *grin*

After that, he had me take off the bands, and we did the stretches that Woody and I did the other day. I was glad we did that because I had been doing two of the stretches wrong here at home, so that was really good.

So, it was a successful day at Physical Therapy.

I love looking at my shoes now. I even showed Z. the shoes and explained that I was buying new shoes about every 6 weeks, and I haven't had to buy new shoes since starting therapy! *grin* VERY cool!

I'd call that a successful day. I don't have anything on the schedule for tomorrow.

Have I told you lately that I love summer? *grin*


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