Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Bittersweet End to Immerse

It's been DAYS since I've had time to post, so I have about three posts to write. This is more for me, I believe, than for anyone else as this blog is becoming more of a personal record of what God is doing in my life. You just get the bonus of reading the journey. *grin*

This past Saturday was the end of IMMERSE, and while I was sad to see it end, I also believe it was time for it to end. It reminded me (once again) of Camp Barnabas. It's always sad to see the week of Camp end, but then again I'm ready to be at home too. *grin*

What I didn't expect was how sad I would feel saying good-bye to friends I had made throughout the week. Thankfully, I was able to make some WONDERFUL friends, and hug them good-bye. God taught me a lot through those people, and some of them I KNOW I will see again. That made my heart happy.

I'm hoping that our group picture will be emailed out, as we had an incredible group of Immersies that came from all over the WORLD. *grin*

What I didn't expect was the evening conversation and friendships to continue. See, we all said, "Good-bye" after the afternoon session, but then several of us went to FCF Saturday night. That was A BLAST! I kept looking at our Immerse Family as I was up front during worship, and then later during ministry time ministering to people, and grinned. God brought some HUNGRY people this past week to seek the Lord. It made me *grin*, and I can only image what it did to HIS heart. *grin*

After service a couple of the ladies asked me if we could hang out. I said "sure." As it turned out, God had something BETTER for the ladies. *grin* We reached my car, and one of the IMMERSE leaders was running after us to hug us. So, we stopped and talked. An hour and a half later, we left the church parking lot. In those 90 minutes (approximately) the two girls were ministered to in some really cool ways by the two members of the Leadership Team of Immerse. *grin* I LOVED THAT!

It was an AMAZING ending to an AMAZING week.

I have to admit, I felt blessed that I live here and didn't have to leave to go home. That was hard for a lot of our Immersies, and would have been hard for me too. As I said earlier though, I think several of them will be back! *grin*

It was definitely a week I will not forget.

Thank You, Jesus. *grin*


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