Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Z's Challenge Course

I jumped right from Immerse back into my world of Physical Therapy. *grin* I have to admit, I missed it last week. I was excited to see what was in store for me on the first day back. I think I was under the impression I was with Woody for my therapy session, but I was PLEASANTLY surprised when Z. came out to get me. *grin*

Z. worked with me the last time too, so I knew we would build on what we did the last time. As it turned out, I was correct. *grin*

He came out to get me, and said, "What have you been up to?" I just grinned, followed him, joked with him, and put on my bands. He had to adjust my green one, because it wasn't providing me the support I needed. He did an AMAZING job of re-tying to band to make it work. *grin* I asked him if he was an Eagle Scout and he said, "No." *grin*

I walked the loop 3 times, and then he made the new obstacle course for me. Each day he works with me, he gives me a new challenge in the course. On this course, I had THREE steps in the course. This is actually a goal I have for myself, being able to navigate stairs successfully, so it was a good thing to add. That being said, it was TOUGH. *grin*

The cool thing about Z. is that if I don't do it right, then I have to re-do it. Period. The thing is, I'm okay with that, even in the midst of it. I'm okay with it because I know he wants me to be able to do it RIGHT. *grin*

After the obstacle course, we were going to work on one stair step. I looked at him and asked him if he could make it be two stair steps. He looked at me like I was nuts. *grin* Then I said, "Okay, let me tell ya I story. I go to tutor a kid, and I always have to ask for help on the TWO steps. They are too high for me to balance." He said, "Oh, okay." So, he created two steps up, and two steps down with the wooden block steps that they have there. It was TOUGH at first, then he gave me a trick. *grin* As it turns out, it was a trick I wish I had figured out years ago.

See, I have always done it a certain way to counter-balance my balance challenges. No one taught me how to do it, I just sort of did it. So, he gave me a trick. He said, "Use your stronger leg to go up with first, and coming down use your weaker leg first." That was the BEST advice I have been given in the whole balance game. Don't get me wrong, my quads need some serious exercise to pull me up effectively, but it was SO MUCH better! He gave me high fives when I finally had it. I felt like I had climbed Mount Everest, even though I had just climbed two steps! *grin* Come on, you know you're happy for me!

Z. did suggest that I keep practicing before doing it by myself at the student's place, and I agreed. I hope we work on it again tomorrow at Physical Therapy. *grin*

Finally, my big toe on my left foot has been hurting me A LOT, and I let Woody and Z. know about it on Monday. Tomorrow I have an appointment with a new doctor to see about what changes we can make to make this walking thing a little easier and not hurt. I'm excited to see what happens. *grin*

Overall the Challenge Course was my favorite. It would have been easy for you, but for me it was another step toward progress for me. That makes my heart *grin* in a way you'll never understand. *grin*

AMAZING!!! *grin*

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