Monday, June 11, 2012


Tonight I am EXHAUSTED. I wonder if there is a word for BEYOND EXHAUSTED. *grin* However, at the same time, I'm REALLY, REALLY HAPPY, GOOD, REFRESHED, AMAZED...okay, you get the idea! *grin*

Today was day #3, our first FULL day, and it was AMAZING from beginning to end. I'm going to do some highlights, because I need to crash (We all know how much I enjoy sleep!) because we're going to do this all over again tomorrow! *grin*

Highlights I want to remember:
1. Worship time this morning & being prophesied over during prayer time. God keeps telling me the same things. I LIKE IT! (Tomorrow morning we do the PROPHECY ROOMS! *grin*)
2. PRAYER ROOM-The Book I'm reading, worship with Jon Thurlow, followed by Tim Reimherr, and the nuggets HE gave me. *grin*
3. Teaching-God answered my prayers in giving me nuggets in a sermon that I have heard more than once in my time at IHOP. *grin*
4. Life Group--I feel like I'm at camp right now. Sitting outside, sharing hearts in the Lord, I really felt like I was out at camp. I told the Lord last week that I felt like Immerse would be a camp just for me, and that's EXACTLY what it feels like, with the twist of others pouring into me. *grin* There were testimonies tonight (The married couple with advice for singles, four others with suicidal thoughts testimonies, and three adults who have lost spouses) that I will never forget. The Lord uses testimonies in my life in powerful ways. I LOVED IT.
5. The drive from Shiloh to GPR. I loaded my car up and gave a ride to four of my new friends. The expression "Strangers are friends you haven't met yet" came to mind. I didn't know any of these people three days ago. Now, we're all friends. I LOVE IT.

I can't wait until tomorrow morning. We have PROPHECY ROOMS first thing! *grin*

Time to sleep.


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