Sunday, June 10, 2012

IMMERSE Day #2 *grin*

Today I had my second day of IMMERSE and I LOVED IT. *grin*

We started out in the Multi-Purpose Room, with Corey Stark teaching. While it was a good teaching, I found myself restless. I wanted to be in the PRAYER ROOM. That's what I was looking forward to the most during IMMERSE. We only had two hours of teaching, but it felt like FOREVER. Corey did a good job, it wasn't him, it's just tough for me to sit that long and be quiet. I was like a little kid. *grin*

I met Megan on the way in, and we sat by each other during the teaching. At the break I found out she is a TEACHER too! So, I introduced her to other teachers. That was AWESOME. It makes me wonder how many more teachers are in the group out of the 52 participants this week. *grin*

After the teaching, we went into the PRAYER ROOM for four hours of, well, THE PRAYER ROOM. We went in during WORSHIP WITH THE WORD (W.W.W.). I LOVED it. After a few worship songs, I opened a book that Karen suggested and was HOOKED. I read for most of that set, which lasts for two hours. (For those of you new to my little world.) I. LOVED. IT.

At 4pm, we went into an INTERCESSION set, and it was intense. I knew it would be. The worship in there was even better! I loved it. I read a little, but not nearly as much as we also prayed for a few things that I LOVED.

We were allowed to leave at 6pm. (We can leave at any time really, but the schedule said until 6) And, I had agreed to pick Slim at the airport after 6pm. I had said a silent prayer early in the day that something would happen and I wouldn't have to go, as I wanted to stay through the 6pm set. HE ANSWERED THAT PRAYER! Slim had left me a voice message about 4:15pm saying he knew some people on the flight and he would ride back with them. *grin* Ha! I could stay! Praise the Lord!

So, at 6, Misty came out and did a devotional set. That was my FAVORITE part of the whole day. I encountered the Lord in those two hours. It made the ENTIRE day for me! *grin* I won't share what He did in me, but it was AMAZING.

I came home after that to eat and cuddle with the pup. *grin*

I need to crash. We begin at 8am. *grin*

AMAZING. *grin*

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