Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Immerse #4

Wow, it's hard to believe that Immerse is halfway over. I feel exhausted physically, as I'm not used to a regular schedule right now *grin* but I am LOVING this 8 day experience. It's unlike anything I've ever experienced. As I shared last night, I do feel a bit like I'm at a camp for adults. I do struggle in the afternoons with the teachings only because I'm not used to sitting for so long. However, I'm always glad I go to the teachings. *grin* ALWAYS.

I started today at the morning worship with all the various internship programs. It was basically the prayer room in a smaller room. I am learning that I'm not really awake at that point. I'm good, but not GREAT at that point. It takes me about an hour to become really awake. (Sad to admit, but hey, I'm being real.)

After the hour of worship, we moved to another room for our prophetic ministry time. I ALWAYS enjoy being around the prophetic. The words I received were a lot of confirmation, which they are supposed to be, so that was really cool. *grin*

After that was the PRAYER ROOM. You won't be surprised to hear that that was my favorite part of my day. Sarah Edwards led worship, and it was my favorite set so far because she sang a lot of worship songs that I haven't sung in a LONG time. She's a phenomenal worship leader, and I haven't really been in her sets to have her be a favorite. Now she's a favorite. It was a lot of fun.

I read a lot in the prayer room, which was a blast. I didn't want to go to the teachings this afternoon, but I was glad I went. Megan did a fantastic teaching on the Holy Spirit. I got the extra notes, she was SO GOOD.

Cory taught after that. Cory's teachings are good, but not where I'm at. I'm having character-built as I sit still for two hours each day but I know I'm where God wants me to be. That's what is most important. *grin*

My favorite moments this afternoon happened during our breaks. The first break I spoke to a fellow teacher, and we had a great chat. She and her husband want to move here and I pray they do. They will be a blessing to our midst when they do! *grin*

During our other break I talked to David. David is going through the Simeon program and is from Australia. I REALLY enjoyed talking to David. He's a neat guy, and I was glad I met him.

We have tonight off. I wanted to blog, send off my second card for the week, and veg on the couch. We start early tomorrow and don't get another night off this week. *grin* That's okay though.

This experience is changing me. I'm growing closer to the Lord than I've been in a while. No, I haven't strayed, but I haven't been as close to Him as I want to be either. This week is changing that. *grin*


Time to cuddle with the pup.


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