Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Gosh this week is going by FAST. I think I said that last night. *grin* IMMERSE is unlike any experience I've had before. Outside of camp, I can't recall having this busy of a schedule. *grin* That being said, it was full of AMAZINGLY cool stuff today.

I awoke late, and honestly didn't care. We've been so busy I was EXHAUSTED. I got to the base at 8:30. I knew I had missed morning worship, but I was okay with that since I knew I was going to the Prayer Room after that. *grin*

As I approached, everyone was leaving the room we were in. I wondered what was up. I asked an IMMERSE Leader what was up, and she told me that we were headed to the GPR now! *grin* In Karen's words, "Score!"

In the Prayer Room, Justin Rizzo was leading. Justin has really grown as a Worship Leader. I enjoyed entering in with his leadership behind keys. My favorite part though (of the entire morning) was entering in when one of the singers RAPPED the Word of God. I'm not joking, the guy seriously could rap. I am not normally into rap, but the Spirit of the Lord was on it, and it was AMAZING. It was something I'll never forget. *grin*

After that, Sarah Edwards came out again and we went into prayer for the orphans in Uganda. Wow. It was, quite possibly, my favorite intercession set ever! Allen Hood prayed from the platform, and, well, you had to be there, but it was AMAZING!

At some point in it all, someone passed me a note from the Lord. I just grinned. That's happened before, but not this week. It was AMAZINGLY cool! *grin*

The teachings this afternoon were good, but today were topics I've heard before, so nothing just stuck out to me. I know God blessed me in sitting there though, even though I didn't have evidence of it today. *grin*

Tonight we had LIFE GROUP with the INTRO adults. All of the IMMERSIES (That's what they call us.) each received two words. I received a SECOND WORD that went with the FIRST WORD I got yesterday. *grin* I just grinned and silently thanked the Lord. The word actually went on from what I got yesterday. ONLY GOD knew that! *grin* I still sit here and *grin*, as I ponder how He holds the world in the palm of His hands, yet He still has time to send me more than one word in one week. *grin* AWESOME.

I need to sleep. Tomorrow is healing rooms, prayer room, teaching, and NEFARIOUS. *grin*


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