Saturday, June 09, 2012

Immerse Day #1 *grin*

Today was A LOT of fun! I went to Orientation for IMMERSE, followed by FCF. While FCF is part of my weekly routine, Orientation was not. *grin* And, I loved it!

The first hour was an introduction to the week. It was also an inspirational sermon in the word. It was cool. It wasn't life-changing or anything, but I will say that it was a great introduction.

The next hour we were put into small groups and it was my FAVORITE part of the Orientation. I was in a group with about 8 other people. One gal had the same last name that I have, which NEVER happens. *grin* I also sat down and started talking to an older couple. As it turns out, THEY ARE TEACHERS. *grin* I told the Lord He wasn't funny. *grin* For the hour we got to know each other, and it was a lot of fun meeting people with like hearts for the Lord. I'm really excited to get to know everyone throughout this next week. It's going to be a lot of fun. *grin*

After dinner break we had FCF. I got there early and wound up talking to two more IMMERSE gals, who (this won't surprise you!) are also teachers. As it turns out, we all took IMMERSE because the other internships won't work into our work schedules. *grin* That made me happy, to know I'm not alone in that. I also enjoyed talking to them, they were really nice.

Immerse had reserved seats, and I chose to be on the front row. And, we were on the side section where I could see the other sections straight on. As it turns out, the Lord strategically did that. At first I thought, "I'm going to hate this, as I can see the whole other sections from where I am." However, it turned out to be a HUGE blessing.

I was able to see what a fantastic church family I am a part of. The two sections I was looking at were primarily made up of regular family members, and I know that because I drive shuttles each week. I was AMAZED at the wonderful family that I had never realized was there. (That's because I always sit in the group!) I told the Lord a quick "Thanks" as I smiled and looked out. It was amazing! *grin*

Audra Lynn led worship. She's not typically a favorite, but I enjoyed tonight. At one point I was dancing again, and I haven't done that in a LONG time. And, I was among friends that I have met on shuttles in the area I was dancing in, so that was a lot of fun too. *grin*

Sermon time. Oh boy. We're doing a series on the SERMON ON THE MOUNT LIFESTYLE. Wow. First sermon in quite some time that met me right where I'm at. I'm going to refrain from sharing what He gave me in that time, as that's between us, but suffice to say, it was what I needed to hear. *grin* Good stuff.

Afterwards, Audra led again, but it was REALLY good, as she did songs I knew. Not that I'm opposed to learning new songs, as I actually enjoy it, but I entered in easier and had a blast. *grin*

One thought occurred to me as I was walking to my car afterwards. It shouldn't amaze me how well I fit in in that environment, but sometimes it does. That doesn't make a lick of sense to you, and that's okay. I find that I enjoy life the most in that worship/music atmosphere where I connect with Him. I look forward to sitting in the Prayer Room 24+ hours this next week. It will be a little bit of Heaven to me. *grin*

I'm so glad He chose me to live in a time such as this when there's a Prayer Room like the one we have here. I could have been chosen to live at any other time in our history. He chose me for now. And that puts a huge *grin* on my face.

Well, it's time for me to crash. We have teaching and Prayer Room hours tomorrow. I. Can't. Wait. *grin*

Amazing. *grin*

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