Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kim and the Trio *grin*

Okay, this will be my last post for tonight. I just finished having the best time with my friend Kim and her three boys. They are Joplin friends, and it has been two years since the whole crew came to see me. I had been looking forward to their arrival, and knew we would have a great time. I was right. *grin*

There was a TON of laughter and love with the trio of boys, and they adored Jay. Jay was a really good sport, even when he just wanted to cuddle with me. *grin*

It cracked me up that each time I came out of my room from doing whatever I needed to do, and he was sitting there waiting for me. *grin* It made me laugh a lot, as he doesn't do that when it's just us. It was cute.

The youngest boy was a constant source of entertainment for me. I'm not used to being around the LITTLE kids, and he let me pick him up and drop him on the padded couch with blankets from time to time. He would laugh and we would do it over and over again. It was cute. He kept me smiling a lot, which made my heart smile. And, Jay liked him because he ALWAYS wanted to give him food. *grin*

The middle boy was three the last time he was here, and is five now. Gosh, that kid is seriously cool. We bonded the most last night at the neighborhood pool here. We went down the slide together, and we got into a really good routine. I even got to where I could hold him up at the end so he wouldn't go under water. God spoke to me a lot in that. *grin*

The oldest came last year on his own, and we go WAY back as I've known him since he was in pre-school. Gosh, he is an amazing kid. I'm having a rough time picking one favorite thing with him. Everything we did was cool. We went to the zoo yesterday, and it is always fun to see him at the zoo. He'll probably do something with animals when he gets older. He's so smart and amazing. *grin*

Oh, the oldest one at the water park gave me a lesson too. He REALLY wanted to do the BIG water slide first thing. I had given him the scoop beforehand and he was REALLY pumped. We carried our rafts up the stairs to the slide and he went first down the slide. The problem was the he sat on the SIDE of the raft not IN the raft. So, he started down the slide, the raft flipped, and he went down the raft slide as a body slide. That's fine, but it scared him. After I went down the slide we talked, and he just said, "We'll do it later." I was fine with that. I don't push kids in that moment. Later on, MUCH later, he said he wanted to do the slide. HE WANTED to do it. I said, "Okay." He got a raft, so I got a raft and we walked up the stairs and got in line. When it was his turn, he said he didn't want to go. In that moment, I felt the Lord on me, and I said, "Okay, if you want to go down the stairs, that's fine, but I know you can do this. Here's what you do. Sit in the circle, not on the side of the raft. That way you don't flip." He just looked down. The little dude was scared. (He's 11.) I asked what he was scared of, and he said he was scared of flipping again. I repeated what I had just said, and then said, "But, if you want to walk back down the stairs, I'll go with you. I just don't want you to go down the stairs and leave Lee's Summit and wish you had gone down the slide." A kid behind us said, "Hey you can go down backwards." That didn't help initially, but then it did because I told him I would make sure he didn't go down backwards. He said he would do it then. Sure enough, he went up there, I told the lifeguard NOT to have him go backwards, and he DID IT! I went down next and came out of the slide going, "YOU DID IT!" I said it over and over again. He told me he didn't want to go again but it was fun. Then he said, "Please don't keep saying you're proud of me. I don't want people to know I was scared." *grin* I didn't say it again. Later, we did the same slide a few more times. I grinned every time because he had conquered his fear. God taught me A LOT in that! *grin* I was SO PROUD of that kid! *grin*

Kim is an amazing friend. We don't talk a lot, but when we get together it's as if we never left each other. We have a lot in common and talk a lot, which I LOVE. She an amazing Mom to those kids, and juggles things very well. I'm blessed to have her and the boys in my life. *grin*

Jay has slept the whole evening since they left. I think that's cute too. *grin*

Well, I need to crash. Back into tutoring mode tomorrow. Gosh I love summer.


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