Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Balance Lessons with Z.! *grin*

Today I had another Physical Therapy session with Z. Due to leaving for camp this week, I had to get in two session this week. *grin* I was glad to have Z. again because we work well together.

Prior to therapy I stopped at Walgreens and got the toe supports. I was in my first hour or so with them, and noticed a difference with them. I knew therapy would be a good gauge on the whole thing because typically after therapy my toe hurts from all the walking and work. *grin*

When Z. came out to get me, he asked me if I was ready to work since it was my last day for two weeks. I grinned and said yes. We went into the gym and I started to put on the bands, and I told Z. about the toe support. He wanted to see the toe support, so I showed it to him. He also gave me a word of advice on the arch supports, and said I may need to take them out from time to time if there's pain. He said it's common for there to be pain at first because the body has to adjust to the change.

He asked me what I wanted to work on today, and I told him I wanted to work on balance. I fall down a lot, and I told him I'd like to fall down less. *grin* We did some new exercises today, and I didn't even put on the bands. First we did some balance stuff with the ball. That was tough. It's still challenging for me to know what to do with my body, and not be able to make my body do it. After the ball we did a balance board. I mean, a real balance board, not a Wii one. I had to move the board back and forth and keep my balance. It was difficult at first, BUT I DID IT! *grin* After that I got on the foam board, and Z. stopped to teach me something.

The three parts of our system of balance include the vestibular system (the inner ear, for example), touch, and sight. While this seems obvious, I hadn't ever thought of it before. He said when one is lost, the other two have to make up for it. So, on the foam board I had to stand STILL for thirty seconds normally. I did pretty well. It was difficult, but I did it. After that, he had me shut my eyes and stand still for thirty seconds. At that point, I learned what he was saying. A lot of my balance is done through sight and touch. In fact, the whole time I was on the foam board, I was near the balance beams in case I was going to fall. I DID NOT FALL! *grin* Z. also made not of something, and that was the fact that I have gotten better at catching myself when I balance. Meaning, I've gotten better at leaning forward when I'm losing balance backward, and vice versa. To me, that is huge! He's right too. *grin*

That being said, he gave me one last challenge. It's a challenge that I will continue when I return from camp. It's also a challenge I did the WHOLE way through elementary school in P.T. *grin*

He set out a board. Okay, well, it is my posting board. It's not really a board, but I'm trying to get a picture in your head. It actually bends, but that's beside the point. The board is as wide as my foot and about 3 feet long. He laid the board down and wanted me to walk heal-to-toe on the board. I looked at him and said, "This is what I did the whole time I was in P.T. as a kid." He said, "Really?" I told him that was all I did when I did it at school, the board and steps. We both laughed. I never did meet that IEP goal. *grin*

I found that walking on the board wasn't going to happen. Woody changed the goal to where I just had to stand on it. Of course, Woody walked in on this exercise. I laughed and told Woody that he missed the other ones that I could do, but he was there for the one I COULDN'T do. He laughed. I asked questions to try to get better at it, and found I got a little better, but it was still hard. Z. said my goal was to be on it 30 seconds. My high score was 16 seconds. I guess I have a new goal for when I get back from camp. *grin*

I stayed past my time to work on it. No one was in the gym. My guess was that it was July 3 and no one made appointments the day before the fourth. Z. did computer work while I kept working on it.

At one point he said, "You are one of those people that accept challenges don't ya?"
Yes, I sure do. *grin* I will do that board for thirty seconds AND WILL WALK ON IT. It may take some time, but I will do it. *grin* It will get me one step closer to balancing better and leading to walking even better too!


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